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As injust as Unbabel's behavior towards you might have been, I feel this story is being told from a rather extreme perspective, wouldn't you agree?

As a 37-year-old who has been writing code since 8, I feel that you should be more used to finding clumsy code, especially in a startup (that I suppose is iterating very fast, trying to make ends meet).

As someone who confidently relocated from Sweden to Portugal, were you aware of the Portuguese economic situation? Didn't you make sure you had enough savings in case it all went down the drain (as it turned out to happen)? I can't help to feel that you took this somewhat blind leap with little to no information at all.

This doesn't all mean that I blame you solely; the situation is, of course, tremendously shameful for Unbabel.

I wasn't surprised to find bad code there. I was surprised that my job didn't seem to include making it better.

Unbabel is based in SF and is unique in offering SF level compensation in Portugal. Perhaps I was naive in expecting them to honor our contract, it does seem like fucking people over is business as usual in Portugal.

Context: I lived in Lisbon four years and know one of the founders of Unbabel. I do not know you, neither your story.

Regarding your comments:

> That's one thing I really hated about Portugal, they just don't offer any information in English

>Thanks, but from the experience I had with both my employer and my landlord in Portugal I'd rather not do business with any Portuguese people ever again. Sorry.

>it does seem like fucking people over is business as usual in Portugal

>Have you had any experience with the Portuguese state or legal system? I'd probably still be standing in a queue somewhere.

Blaming the whole country for a 90 day experience does not seem very proportional to me.

Again, I do not know your story and can not speak for the veracity of your facts. What I do know is Lisbon (and I have lived many years in Spain and Germany to compare with). From that I know that you are just being, at best, exaggerated and I wonder if you have been exaggerating other stuff too.

Yet, as a portuguese, it's hard to dismiss his claims. The queues and slow state services, the "fucking people over" (mainly in employer-employee and vendor-customer relationships), the lack of information in english (unless you consider the restaurant menus as sufficient)... well, you run into this every-fuckin-day.

He may be escalating his issues, but - again, as a portuguese - I don't think he got the wrong idea about the sad state of affairs here.

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