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She only charges $400?! That's crazy. What Ivy leagure candidate COULDN'T afford that? At those prices I'm surprised anyone writes their own letters.

> She only charges $400?! That's crazy.

That's ¥2,500.00. The current median Chinese income is ¥63,875 ($10,220). So one essay produces 4% of a typical annual income, for what might only be a few hours' work.

Twenty essays, and you're approaching the median income of your harder-working neighbors.

You seem to be saying the ghostwriter is a Chinese person living in China, but she wrote, "I’m a second-generation Korean American." Some quick Googling suggests the U.S. median income is around $50,000.

And if she only charges $400 for 350/3 essays per year, she makes about $47k. I can't fathom why she doesn't raise her rates if she feels like she's selling her soul when she writes about her own experiences.

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