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I'm confused about the need. Although I live in a small English town (pop 110,000) which has a number of shops selling a wide variety of spices.

Would you be selling small kits of spices to prepare a meal, with a recipe delivered at the same time?

Me and my wife love quality spices and experimenting with different recipes. We had been thinking of starting our own business. Sending out Indian stuff monthly is one of the ideas we had been toying with. When one thinks of stuff from India, spices seem to come at the top of the mind. (honestly we haven't thought this through yet; the idea was inspired from a Japanese candy service). I am aware that spices are available in most places in the west these days. But I guess it is not easily accessible in all the places. Convenience can be reason for someone to subscribe to the service. Another value add is accompanying details introducing the spice, its properties, uses and some sample recipes.

This is a time intensive operation. As of now, I m not convinced the returns would be high enough.

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