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It's a nice and clear summary. You could probably expand it into mini book - one page per each point listed - and sell it for additional revenue...

It'll take some work. You'll need to put an interesting quote on each page and then some anecdote from the author's life that may or may not be related to the the point at the top of the page. If author does not have enough interesting stories to write up, they may have to borrow them from reddit or such.

This sounds like about 1-3 days of work.

Just trying to be helpful. If you have some constructive advice, please feel free to share

Judging from the brevity and clarity with which the summary was expressed above I assumed that writing comes easily to the author. He could probably elaborate on each point (or maybe add a few more) to turn it into small case study e-book guide. This is just like social media presence and marketing. A byproduct that costs maybe $10 and at least pays for itself, but ideally drives even more traffic to the website and generates additional profit on its own.

I would buy/read it! (Just brainstorming here...)

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