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Meta: if you respond with "I run a small project and it is generating X per month for me", would you please provide links? I know it seems self-promoting but in reality in discussions like this it is very interesting.

I find people in these discussions rarely want to share their actual products/sites. If I had to speculate as to why, I'd say that many of them profit from having found a micro-niche with minimal competition, so it makes sense for them to keep it to themselves.

In my case, it is a niche with some competitors. I don't share because I don't want to relate the project with me (I'm not worried if someone find it). I don't share it even with friends.

Also it is an SEO experiment, all my traffic (97%) is Google organic.

It's ~4 months old, has 75k hits/month and generate USD 60. It still growth 100% month over month.

I need some months to return the money I invested (designer, domain, ...), but I don't even count my time. I'm learning more from this project than with anything else I already did.

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