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Since March this year, I have been able to build a semi-passive income of around $1500 per month (lowest around $1000 and highest $2000) by building/selling items on CodeCanyon.

Granted it's not truly passive income, rather semi-passive. That said, with minimal monthly efforts, the money comes in each month.

I recently made an attempt on codecanyon. My item sells ok but with the number of support emails I get and time I need to help people with trivial issues which I clearly explain in the supplied documentation, it can't be considered passive.

What sort of things have you made on there? Are there things people are looking for?

Mostly PHP applications so far. An yeah, these are products people are searching for (I assume so since they're selling pretty well)

Would you mind linking me to some of them?

aren't they taking 50% of your sales?

When you're new you only get 50%, that rate goes up when you earn more. I think my account is at 55% right now. But the numbers I mentioned in my post is what I get, not the total amount of sales we generate.

Huh, and here is another idea - build CodeCanyon clone but take 20% :)

Onarbor takes code and only 10%, https://onarbor.com

Nowhere near the same amount of exposure. Yes, you'll earn a higher percentage, however with the lower number of sales, the money you pocket will be significantly less.

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