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The Pirate's Guide to Email (Email and Pirate Metrics) (sendwithus.com)
26 points by mrmch on Aug 29, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

That's just the type of list that I've been looking for -- looking forward to the rest. Just today I ordered something online and their account signup email was a sorely missed opportunity, the content for which was clearly trapped somewhere deep down in their ecommerce source code :(

Enjoying the examples on the site. It'd be great if some of those companies shared more data on how things are working for them. Maybe you can extract that from some of them :)

Great advice in here. I'm always surprised by how many web apps send me a friendly, personalized welcome email from a "do not reply" email address.

This is a big one many people miss.

brad@sendwithus here. It's amazing how often we get asked by other YC founders what lifecycle emails to send and when to send them.

We've (somewhat accidentally) become quite knowledgeable on the subject. Super stoked that we're able to share this information with everyone trying to start a company.

All questions/feedback welcome!

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