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> The do no evil line is bullshit. This is not a benevolent company by any standard.

From the linked Slashdot article - Google patented Loon-related technology, describing it "as just the ticket for those well-to-do enough to pay a tiered-pricing premium to get faster internet access while attending concerts, conferences, air shows, music festivals, and sporting events where a facility's overtaxed Wi-Fi simply won't do."

Picking on this is like saying that Elon Musk is an evil liar, because if he really cared about good of humanity and electric transport for the masses he surely wouldn't start with an superexpensive car for ultra rich, and then move to expensive car for moderatly-rich. Obviously, the whole argument about "Roadster bankrolling Model S bankrolling $35k Sedan" is just a bunch of lies trying to hide how evil he is.

That's basically what I'm reading from your argument.

You know, altruism involves money, and quite often the best way to do something good is to make it profitable.

> Look the bottom line here is these guys betrayed us. They are traitors, and we need to cut them out of our future.

If so, then long, long before Google you need to get rid of GoDaddy, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, BMW, General Motors, General Electric, Coca Cola, Nestle, Walmart, every other mom and pop store and pretty much 90% of other companies who betrayed us in many more ways, heavily documented and not alleged. Seriously, saying that Google Is Bad is nothing but a signalling game around here.

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