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So, basically, I can tell my bank/credit agency/hospital "please forget that I got a mortgage/defaulted/tested positive for HIV"? Doesn't that sound rather risky?

It's not like that. You can demand to be informed about when the data is processed and for what purposes, get a copy of it, request corrections and object to processing in certain circumstances.

In practice, no, you can't demand to be wiped out from the internal database if you creditor. You probably can prevent them from publishing a debtors' list with your name, though.

It's not that simple (in the UK at least), you only have to stop processing information if "unwarranted and substantial damage or distress" is being caused.

Additionally, all stop processing / deletion regulations require a court order, which will be subject to all the usual requirements of justice.

It only takes a single successful demand before an append-only log because untenable.

There are of course exceptions ;)

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