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Yup. I found it interesting after a co-worker pointed it out to me because it looks and works kind of like RSpec. We are currently considering using it for a new project and it seems mature enough to give it a go.

I'm currently toying with writing a JSONReporter so we can use that as an additional test result output format and I agree, so far it seems to be a really well done project.

FWIW I've been using Catch for a few years now, and I find it mature enough for real world usage.

Good to know, thanks!

The biggest turnoff to me is the sheer quantity of code (regardless of the fact that it can all be crammed into a single header file). It seems much more difficult to fix a bug in it than in something like UnitTest++.

That said, inline setup/teardown and parsing expressions in asserts seem like such natural ideas, I can't believe I haven't run across frameworks doing them before. I guess the shadow of JUnit is extremely long.

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