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Switching is hard, especially if you're coming from Vim and don't have any pre-existing familiarity with Lisp. I know nothing about Haskell and barely more than that about Vim, but I do know quite a fair bit about Emacs and Lisp, and I would be interested in an opportunity to work with someone who's trying to switch; between someone who knows what Haskell and its associated ecosystem should be doing, and me who knows how to make Emacs do what's necessary for said ecosystem to behave itself properly, I expect we could end up with a pretty smooth process for Haskellers interested in making the jump to Emacs.

(Oh, and parenthetically, I would mention that rebinding your Caps Lock key to an additional Control key helps a lot with the pinky situation. Sure, you still work that finger harder than you do with a modal editor, but you no longer have to cramp your hand to do so, and after a little while getting used to it -- I advise disabling the "real" Control key, or rebinding it to do nothing but emit a nasty noise -- you no longer think about it at all.)

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