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> He asked what she was doing there all on her own, and whether she was there maybe for a Match.com date. Livingston said that she worked in tech, and was meeting a reporter. He said he was an investor. She said she was, too; that she co-founded Y Combinator. He said maybe if she had some startups in her portfolio that other investors had overlooked, he’d be happy to talk about investing in them. Maybe she and he could go and talk about those investments together one night?

I'm sorry, but I fail to see how this is "hitting on" her. Maybe he had those intentions, but this conversation doesn't prove it. The Match.com stuff is sketchy, but he didn't say anything rude or sexual. Maybe the tone was lost in translation to text?

Ok, say he was hitting on her. Is that wrong? Is that bad? Would it be different if the genders were reversed?

It's difficult to convey tone in a writing, and given the Match.com comment and subsequent grey area stuff, it sounds like he was hitting on her.

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