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The article you linked makes little sense to me. They do mention Clojure's core.typed as an example of the "Curry perspective", as opposed to the "Church perspective", so I decided to check that out.

The core.typed user guide and it uses the same definition[1] of type that I'm familiar with from "Church" type theory. It even makes the same observation that Clojure is unityped! It seems to me that core.typed does not use a "different" type theory at all. Rather, it is a testament to the great extensibility of the Lisps that a type system can be bolted on as a library. Perhaps unfortunately, most languages are not so flexible.

[1]: https://github.com/clojure/core.typed/wiki/User-Guide#what-a...

P.S.: I re-read Harper's original unitype article, and it does seem pretty combative. I still don't consider the term pejorative myself. I dislike the term, but because of its lack of utility above any other reason.

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