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systemd can just fuck off.

It's a pit of complexity from hell that I will not stand for. This change makes it worse again.

3 hours today trying to get timedatectl to enable an NTP server on CentOS 7. All I got was "Failed to issue method call" and 3 hours of taking it to bits to work out why the hell it wasn't working then it just started to work out of the blue.

systemd makes Linux feel like Windows does from an administrative perspective. Feels like stateful RPC/COM/WMI hell about to hit Unix.

Scrapped the whole damn thing and installed FreeBSD 10.0 in the end.

How is BSD less monolithic than systemd?

While BSD gives a complete system and source tree, the source tree is also designed such that you can use all or none of it and get a working system. Going into the subdirectories and just building the parts of the userland you want from the given source tree is entirely possible. Furthermore, after building everything, rc is designed as a script, with executables, arguments, etc, all being well documented and easy to override in rc.conf to your liking. For example, I don't like the built-in syslog, and prefer syslog-ng. Disabling the built-in syslog was a matter of adding these two lines:

and after that the included syslog doesn't run at all. There's no looping logs through the original syslog and out the other end, or any silliness like that. Similarly, the dhcp client, ntp client, etc, are all easily configurable as well. The problem isn't that systemd provides these bits and pieces, the problem is that it's a pain and a half when you need to turn them off.

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