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Sublime is sorely lacking when it comes to working on multiple projects.

I regularly have 15+ projects open, all of which I work on regularly, and I probably have 30+ projects that I work on regularly that I don't bother to keep open, simply because the window menu grows too long. I use the next/previous window commands to cycle, but sometimes I have so many projects open I have to use the window menu, which coincidentally seems to be randomly ordered, so it takes a long time, relatively speaking, to scan.

There is no way to quickly switch between per-window projects. I tried to write a plugin for this (giving you a cmd-P-style project switcher), but it turns out the API doesn't support switching windows; you can find a window, but focusing it doesn't do anything if it's not the current window (something I consider a bug, but the developer never responded to my bug report). You can't create new windows, either.

Some other things:

* Sublime is fast, but it could easily be faster. Large files are quite slow to open, even in ST3.

* The sidebar needs work. SidebarEnhancements is great, but not enough. There's no Git integration, for one. No mode flags. Renaming and moving files is cumbersome. No multiple selection.

* The global file search functionality is pretty bad. It opens up a new buffer, but it appends to the current one if there is one. You can only double-click on the match, not on the context lines. My wish list item is for the search results to be a live view into the matching files, so that I can actually edit within the results buffer.

* Package Control needs to be moved into the editor and become a first-class citizen. It's weird that it has to be added manually.

* Syntax highlighting per file-pattern, not extension. For example, .js.erb is an ERB template containing JavaScript, but there is no way to tell Sublime this; syntaxes can only be associated with the last extension.

* Lots of tiny things. For example, Sublime doesn't have a built-in way to filter a selection through a Unix command (eg., "sort"). Turns out process management in a plugin is awkward.

I could probably think of a bunch more.

Maybe I can address a few of your concerns.

> My wish list item is for the search results to be a live view into the matching files, so that I can actually edit within the results buffer.

There's a plugin[1] for that btw, but I'm not certain it's completely safe for use. Last time I checked you could only modify the search results once.

>Syntax highlighting per file-pattern, not extension.

Luckily, there's a plugin[2] for that too.

>Turns out process management in a plugin is awkward.

I've never had a problem with that. Are you new to Python?

[1]: https://sublime.wbond.net/packages/FindResultsApplyChanges [2]: https://sublime.wbond.net/packages/ApplySyntax

Thanks for telling me about ApplySyntax. So that solves one problem. But that search plugin is not "live". It lets you edit and apply (once, apparently).

I'm not at all new to Python. Forking processes is simple enough, the problem is about how Sublime manages the plugin thread; you have to jump through hoops with sublime.set_timeout() etc. At the time, I was having huge issues waiting for a process and then afterwards interacting with the editor; it seemed buggy. I'm sure it's possible given enough trial and error.

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