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Introducing the Chartio Data Pipeline (chartio.com)
21 points by nyselvey on Aug 19, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

This is one of the first solutions I've seen to the data analysis problem that I'd consider a real solution: the ease of use of spreadsheets but with the question answering power of a database.

As one of my tasks at my previous job I investigated a bunch of data analysis/reporting solutions for our use. None of them provided that combination with any finesse. We ended up writing our own solution as a thin wrapper over SQL that output data either to the browser or to Excel. It served our purposes, but it was a compromise.

This new feature from Chartio, if the video and post are to be believed, would have been perfect. Now if only they offered an appliance so companies could use it without shipping data out.

There is also the FOSS http://meteorite.bi/saiku which might be worth trying.

Thanks! That's exactly the type of problem we're trying to solve. We're not getting into the appliance model just yet, but it's definitely on our radar.

Have you ever used Tableau?

I investigated Tableau. It seemed to be expensive and too Windows centric: Tableau Server and Desktop both require Windows (which we didn't want), and we couldn't use Tableau Cloud because we didn't want to expose our data outside our DMZ.

Did you try Tableau?

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