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There are already plenty of other alternatives out there. I think I've used every IDE under the sun in the past two years. From paid versions (ST2, Dreamweaver, WebStorm) and plenty of opens source options like Aptana and Notepad++.

The best alternative I've seen is Adobe Brackets (http://brackets.io/). This is Adobe's IDE that gets regular builds and is essentially the nightly build of their new Edge Code IDE (https://creative.adobe.com/products/code). The newest plugins come out on Brackets first, then make their way to Edge.

The best thing about Brackets is its built in HTML,JS and CSS so it opens up a huge development community for plugins.

Interesting that WebStorm is only $49.99 for a single license and $29.99 to renew versus ST2 is $70 for a single license and the upgrade cost I believe is $70 as well?

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