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Oddly enough, I've been using ST2 for a while and have been too lazy to actually buy a license for it (or Divvy).

I think I'll do so now for exactly this reason.

I can't because still after all these years the only payment option is still Paypal. Trying to buy a serious development tool here I'm not shopping on grandma's home sewn teddy bears and scarves.

It's ridiculous in my strong opinion.

This is like someone trying to get me to buy a domain on Godaddy just because I like to use Heroku for hosting. I don't use Paypal.

From the second section of the Sales FAQ [0]:

Alternative Payment Methods PayPal is currently the only way to purchase a license for Sublime Text. However, for most countries a PayPal account is not required; you can purchase as a guest using a credit card. Unfortunately, PayPal requires users in some countries, such as New Zealand, to create an account.

[0] http://www.sublimetext.com/sales_faq

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