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Isn't Atom the open source Sublime Text clone?

Atom and Light Table seem to be open source editors largely in the same vein as ST (I wouldn't say they are clones).

Isn't Light Table more focused on being an editor-REPL combination than being a text editor?

All three are focussed on being plug-in extensible into full IDEs for various languages, and have a generally similar design aesthetic that contrasts to earlier GUI editors, which is why I say they are in the same vein.

Yes, they have feature and focus differences (which is why I say Atom and LT aren't clones of ST), and one of those is Light Table's having inline evaluation as a central feature.

atom.io is nothing but an icon in the Finder for me until they fix the terrible performance bottlenecks. i really like the app / features / ux, etc. but the performance is abysmal compared to sublime.

The new update switched to React on the background, and it feels much snappier, but It still groans like a dying whale at least a few times a day though.

That would mean a rewrite in a compiled language, like go.

"The"? This isn't the Highlander, there can be more than one.

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