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Ask HN: Switched back to programming at age 35 after 7 years of management
10 points by jozi9 on Aug 16, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
I did 5 years enterprise java then 7 years project management. Now I'm a python/django developer at a hipster/startup company and feeling like I'm home.

Anyone else? What will I do at 40?:)

48 now and I still love to code. I would recommend to any of my older friends to keep doing what you love. Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is a ton of opportunity out there, regardless of age!

39 here. Held titles such as CTO, Director, Architect and have always managed to spend at least 75% of my time coding.

Now I'm just a programmer and enjoying it. Thankfully I'm at a company that values good developers so you don't have to jump to management for that pay increase.

Im 32 trapped in a management quagmire. Long tunnel ahead and clocks ticking I Code at night but struggling to stay focussed.

Business ears distract more.

I'm considering something similar. I code for fun regularly but I worry if I'll cut it as a modern coder. Check in code to prod on day 1 seems to be a considered a badge of honor these days. I worry that I'll bring down the site :-p Also, 7 years ago, methodologies such as SCRUM and TDD weren't pervasive. How are you adjusting? Also, how did you prep for the technical interview?

I managed scrum teams a lot so I know tdd and xp and the like. As for the interview, I did a couple of pet projects in the last 1-2 years in the evenings so I've been able to answer all of the django questions. Plus I'm awesome:) Just kidding. No I'm not kidding - it's pretty important to be on the same page with your team/employer.

Also I bought a c64 as 6810 assembly is on my bucket list. So as AI and Lisp.

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