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hackdesign.org is pretty good provided you actually take their advice and look into the materials provided.

For example: there are 5 typography related 'modules' in the top level list.

In module 1. 'Dive into Typography', there are 6 different resources within.

From the one of those 6 resources, here are a list of materials mentioned:

* book - Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals [0]

* book - The Elements of Typographic Style [1]

* book - Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works [2]

* post - Unicode Beginners Introduction for Dummies Made Simple [3]

I've found this to be the norm for most posts, they may not cover absolutely everything about a single topic, but they will most definitely point you to somewhere that will.

[0] - http://insideparagraphs.com/

[1] - http://www.amazon.com/Elements-Typographic-Style-Robert-Brin...

[2] - http://www.amazon.com/Stop-Stealing-Sheep-Works-Edition/dp/0...

[3] - http://pythonconquerstheuniverse.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/un...

Typography is one element of UI design - I agree with you that the material they provide / you linked to is probably high quality, but there must be a faster and more actionable way to learn to design than to read 3 books on every one of these elements! Imagine someone trying to learn to program: You would (probably) not recommend 3 books on Syntax, Compiler Design and Data Structures to even get started...

I'm a design manager, but I also code too. I buy books all the time for my staff.

If you want a single book that covers all major topics with theories and plenty of examples, give this one a go.


This is NOT a book on web design. This is book on graphic design and, a good one at that. It covers types, images, graphics, layouts, form.

Simply copying designs in this book will put you ahead of many 'professional' web designers. It's because many web designers do not fully understand what makes a design good (or bad).

Even though my work is all digital, personally I find most of the talented designers are still found in traditional print design world.

You can pick up a used copy for less than $15 shipped.

I disagree on hackdesign; I believe they're overrated. It's mostly just a daily blast of minimally curated stuff; you'd have as much success as a daily Google search for "design".

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