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I wish they would have included demographics for the Bay Area, not just the USA. From Wikipedia - 52.5% White, 6.7% non-Hispanic African American, 23.3% Asian, 10.8% from other races, 5.4% from two or more races, 23.5% Hispanic or Latin. (Incidentally, this almost exactly matches Apple's numbers, except for Hispanic). Comparing tech worker demographics to Bay Area demographics, It's kind of a chicken vs egg about whether the demographics precede the jobs or vice versa, but given how geographically concentrated the tech industry is, this seems like a bad oversight.

So compared to the US, the Bay Area is -27% white, -6% African American, +18% Asian, +8% Hispanic. This makes the representation of white tech workers expected, Asian less overrepresented, African American less underrepresented, and Hispanic even MORE underrepresented.

In non-tech, it's white slightly overrepresented, African American slightly underrepresented, and Hispanic still very underrepresented.

In leadership/executive, white captured most of Asian overrepresentation, and African American are similar to tech workers.

2. SF vs Peninsula/South Bay companies would have been another similar distinction.

3. Curious how MSFT compares to Seattle Metro.

4. I'd also be curious to see how it would look if they broke out demographic numbers by location - e.g. how different is Google Mountain View from Google NYC, and how do tech worker demographics outside of the Bay Area compare to their host cities?

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