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I've been coding commercially for 12 years now, and in 2008 I landed what I would class as a dream job. It was a contractor position up near Reading in the UK, but became permanent. I spent 4 years having a great time, interesting work, great people to work with, and an awesome culture. Then we got bought out by Oracle. I lasted 8 months and moved back to Kent.

Now I work for an ISP (I worked with one of the directors about 10 years ago) 10mins from home, working on everything that needs doing, and I would say that this is a dream job.

I guess it depends on your circumstances, and what you need at the time. Dream job is such a loose phrase. They have both had their downsides, but in happiness levels they have both excelled!

Edit. I should say that I worked at various places before, and none really compare, but they did give a good grounding and helped me figure out what it was i wanted from a job. (Hint:the money is nice, but after a while job satisfaction and quality of life take precedent)

Ah, Reading. Is it still a shit hole full of shallow people who are primarily concerned with how much money you make and what car you drive?

I assume so, I lived in Maidenhead for that time and I can honestly say I would never step foot in either ever again!

Edit. We used to have a sales lady who would arrive in flash cars with the bumpers always broken/full of mud and grass. Keeping up appearances...

I was down the road in Basingstoke for two and a half years. That makes Reading seem like a good place. To be fair I liked the job, but the location was hell.


Motorola, when they were doing well.

Hmm interesting. Can you expand a bit more on what quality of life actually means? Is a 10-min commute the perfect duration? What hours/week? Etc.

Its not just the commute, but its a bonus! Quality of life I would say is how much time you get to spend at home, with friends, having to work evenings and weekends etc. Its all relative.

If you're happy and don't mind doing some work in the evenings that's good - its not forced, its a choice.

But if you are expected to do things out of hours, it starts to fall apart - others in the team are doin tuttig it so why aren't you? That's not good.

At the end of the day, if youths are happy and social and work life coexist happily, then that's a good quality of life. (For me anyway)

Edit. I'm in the pub after work (good quality of life ;)) so apologies for my rubbish explanation!

Edit 2. Hours are standard 9:00-5:30, but I have the freedom to work from home if I need to - which I've had for the last 6 years, its a definate plus!

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