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[dupe] Input, a customizable font family (sans, serif, mono) for code (fontbureau.com)
38 points by DanielStraight 1136 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

Explanation and some very interesting thoughts here: http://input.fontbureau.com/info/

I almost complained about having non-monospaced fonts as a default on the linked page for 'coding', until I started reading this page where they explain the reasons. Still, mono-spaced is much easier for an IDE to interpret and my brain thinks me like it more.

I even did an HN search, but I didn't think to look for "fonts" instead of "font".

Strangely, it seems the HN search will exact match on the initial search and then prefix match after that. Compare URLs:

  Initial search

  Add an 's' then remove it
Same search term shows in the box, but the results are different.

I've submitted an issue on GitHub to address this: https://github.com/algolia/hn-search/issues/41

We're working on a more sophisticated dupe detector that will do this kind of matching automatically, so hopefully the days of tracking all this down manually (for both our sakes!) are numbered.

Proportionally spaced fonts are nice on the eyes. I've been using Input for the last few days and it makes code much more pleasurable to read... Mostly.

But I found that I rely on intra line alignment often and proportional fonts cannot deliver that. The end result is so ugly as to completely overwhelm the advantages.

I ended up returning to M+.

Elastic Tabstops[1] are the solution, but support is too patchy, and getting a team to agree on tabs vs spaces for line indents is hard enough, without then getting them to all follow elastic tab practices for laying out aligned content.

[1] http://nickgravgaard.com/elastictabstops/

On first glance it seems out of proportion to me; too tall and too narrow.

This is probably Retina only. Doesn't look good on my regular joe pc.

Yeah it looked ok to me. Looks like it was designed for python. On my clojure files the parens/brackets get lost. Granted editors mostly make parens easy but i still have to be able to scan for them.

I love how there's no Java option in the preview screen.

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