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Here is a recent blog post by codestarter, where they describe the process and list some resources for making a dev machine out of a Chromebook: http://blog.codestarter.org/post/93985346780/how-we-turn-199... . It was featured on HN not long ago, some comments might be useful: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8143844 .

That would certainly be an idea and would give me the platform I need. Thanks for the link! My only concern is the performance but then it wouldn't be used for the majority of my development so I'm sure I can get by with it! Particularly at the price of these things.

The speed of the Samsung Chromebook is "adequate". Feels faster than any "older" notebook with a 5400 rpm disk drive. But it feels a bit slower than the current Mac Book Airs.

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