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Frankly I'm annoyed to see this topic here. Most people who have taken to scraping are low-life scum. They see content that others have spent months or years producing, simply set up a site that aggregates all of that information, and then sit back and collect revenue from ads or reseller links you paste everywhere.

People who put in a few hours of work to take advantage of other people's hard work piss me off. :/

Are you against hyperlinks too? Seriously, computers naturally make content reusable. Try to imagine the next level when we don't depend on hoarding. The semantic web imagined this, though it was too complicated. But the idea still has huge benefits; every web site a linked database, with content precisely described. But I think many orgs are too afraid they don't really have something to offer in the big picture (that's what so much of business is about).

I do a lot of work in scraping, but it's for non profit healthcare, academic, and general knowledge augmentation. It's painful, but the only way to get to the next level without waiting a thousand years for everyone to make their own consistent API and metadata descriptions.

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