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Are you joking?

It was not a joke, lots of teams have come and gone. I had to assume it was not profitable to run a team, much like any other form of auto racing.

Most teams that have endured are backed by large companies that can absorb losses, but I have never seen any books from any teams.

Sincerely curious, what kinds of profits do F1 teams make?

So a large team like Ferrari or McLaren will spend about $400 million on running the whole team for the year - that includes all salaries, R&D, simulation, transport, part costs, marketing etc.

They'll get about $80 million back on that from prize money (it's more like $100 million if you win).

Then there's the sponsorship - for a large team about $300 million a year is reasonable.

The rest can often be found from elsewhere. McLaren had large funding from Daimler until recently (when they received a $40 million fine Daimler paid) - Ferrari have a lot of their own money. F1 drives car sales, and the technology from F1 can be pulled back into the road cars - just look at McLaren's new models..

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