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What's different / better about this than a GoPro?

This appears to be physically smaller. And cute. Polaroid may just have my business if it has standard mounting and the waterproof case works.

Agreed. While the battery life isn't quite as good as a GoPro, this is also half the price.

I'd be willing to buy one to play with, and the built in magnet to make it easy to stick on things is a great idea.

It looks like it's smaller form factor and less entanglement hazard for parachuting sports. The Gopro has killed at least 3 people due to entanglement.

I know that's a super fringe use, but I like the idea of something smaller with smooth surfaces even though I own several Gopros.

My guess would be that the GoPro has vastly superior video quality.


Does it really warrant a post here if it is just a cheaper alternative?

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