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FYI: The entire new 'Cosmos' series is now on Netflix
60 points by josh-wrale on Aug 11, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments
I binge-watched it all yesterday. This is what all educational media should be like.

Unfortunately it is just in the USA Netflix. Hope the rest of the world subsidiaries get it soon (in their national languages!)

I think every Netflix Canada subscriber pays for Unblock US or other proxy services.

Aren't there quite a few free unblockers?

You get what you pay for. Running a full proxy for a video streaming service ain't cheap, so don't expect a good free product.

My parents do and they are perhaps the least technical users on the planet. I didn't even tell them about it!

Wouldn't surprise me at all! Happy customer since 2012....

Try bouncing off a US server with ZenMate - https://zenmate.com/

It's on Canadian Netflix too.

Awesome! I have been unable to watch it due to lack of TV signal.

Is the original available for viewing anywhere?

It was available on Netflix a while ago, but it looks like it has been taken down and I don't know when they might put it back up.

It's available to stream on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dADUBcoEEHw&list=PLBA8DC67D5...

Hulu (hulu plus only?) has the original. Of course, if you had used Hulu you could have watched this one as it was released as well.

Apparently Duck Dynasty is similar to Cosmos....


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