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Mono is about 25 to 50% slower on computational stuff, which is negligible in almost any business application that has a multi-server topology.

We use C# for business logic (API). One of the first building blocks was to create an open framework for defining and running services that both compatible with .Net and Mono. We've been using that now for a quite a while. While VS is still our primary dev environment for the API, Xamarin Studio is becoming more and more appealing. One of the obstacles when developing with mono is that not all functionality is available or identical. It's of course always possible to contribute a fix or missing code, but sometimes it's just easier to work around it (once you know where the hole is). In production, everything runs on Linux and we use vagrant provisioned VMs to replicate the latest release locally. It works quite well for us now, but it took some effort.

That said, we chose this setup because we liked C#, not because we wanted WCF or ASP.Net. We actually don't like most of the heavy frameworks, including ORMs. Instead, use rely on HttpListener for web-services, PHP for HTML page composition in-front of the API and straight-up MySQL queries for all DB-related stuff. It makes it much easier to evolve a running system when you know what the bits do all the way down! Just my $0.02 cents.

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