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Yes, but it's not about the size of the hiring pool. It's about the "quality" of the hiring pool (HN likes to call them 10x engineers).

I don't have any hard numbers to back this up, but based on personal experience almost exclusively all of the best engineers I have worked with prefer to work with open source technologies and would not touch .NET. One can think of several reasons for this correlation that make intuitive sense.

There's a reverse of this going on as well. I really like the C# programming language, and I'd rather work with it than with Node.js. But if I look around what kind of companies hire .net developers, and the sort of products they build, I get the feeling I'm very lucky to have joined the Ruby community early and have a nice spot in a cool company in which engineers are king and the tech is bleeding edge.

If pressed for work I'd even work sooner in a Node.JS shop, even if I feel that Node.js is attracting the sort of developers the Ruby community tries to break away from (i.e. the PHP and Java guys)

Observer bias.

Perhaps that's true, but my sample does indeed include quite a number of startups whose stack is built on .NET. Their engineers are usually much less experienced (and are often lacking theoretical foundations. E.g. they know how to use MS tools without knowing how stuff actually works) than those of typical SV startups.

I'm sure there are good .NET engineers out there, but hiring/finding them is more like finding a needle in the haystack.

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