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They do hire "deal breakers" (experienced programmers which work in a basement of a VC firm whose only job to convince VC not to invest :-)). At least they had them in early 2000s. Not sure if that is case now.

I've been one of those guys on contract, but only for really big deals, not really the ones I've seen on HN. The last one I worked on was a deal which was funded by Morgan Stanley and a few others - they put in about $800 million, I believe.

They bought the platform (mostly written in Oracle) and we recommended they re-write their external APIs (which were written in Java). They did both, re-wrote the APIs in .NET, which is what we recommended (because they had no Java programmers but they had 6 really solid .NET guys already on staff...honestly, companies have no idea of what assets they have in house). Company went public last year. Just hit $1B in revenue just before going public.

If we had walked in and seen a bunch of No SQL or some fad junk, we would have told them to bail. You can't play around when you are playing with these level of businesses.

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