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Show HN: Matchmaking anonymously by someone you know (dacupid.com)
10 points by michellejunlee on Aug 10, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

> Become a cupid for your friends you think will fit best. It will never be post.

> LIke each other

Don't think I'd trust this site if the grammar on the homepage is bad.

... 6 times Mashable logos...

Uhh.. absolutely not.

sorry, i am still working on it. I will fix the grammatical error and remove the logos.

thanks for the input

>Matchmaking anonymously //

If I've understood correctly the matchmaking is not anonymous, the match itself is anonymous? So the two parties to the match don't know to whom they are talking but they both know who arranged the match.


Oh the trolling one could do with this. I believe this has great great potential. Nice work.

It would be key to figure out a way to capture (not avoid) the hilarious aspect that people will use it as a joke. That's what I love about it.

Do you have a feature where matches are only permitted for people with a relationship of "single"?

Probably another way to avoid the suggested trolling(which might occur) that others have mentioned.

I can add that feature easily. probably as a default CHECK BOX single only?

Not exactly something I suggest you add, but rather pull from the Facebook API.

It looks like a brilliant idea indeed. Where do my friends receive my invitation, facebook? It's also open to abuse by teenagers with bad intentions (but life is so, too:-)

yes, it will be at facebook messages.

Also on the app, on the send match page, you can click on your friend and send the message directly (from your own email)

regarding the abuse, the 2 person being matched to each other dont know the identity of each other anyway, and at anytime one of the party can decide not to continue that chat. In anycase they know who "the person" that is trying to become their matchmaker, thus i think the abuse will be minimal.


Do friends ever come up with good matches? Has this ever happened?

Still, interesting. +1 nevertheless.

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