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As an author I support Amazon's position because as they say, books compete with the video game, TV, movie, etc. markets, and keeping consumer book prices lower helps grow the book market relative to other forms of entertainment, and I would argue that books benefit society more than video games and TV (but not necessarily movies).

Please look a little but further than your own self interest. Do you really want one entity having a monopoly on book distribution?

I agree that long term, there is a danger in Amazon becoming even more of a monopoly. That said, I find it ridiculous that a non-transferable eBook can sometimes cost very close to the cost of a hard cover print book.

I was not making my previous comment out of self interest, BTW. In 25 years of being a published author I have only made chump change (less than $150K) on my writing. I earn my living as a software developer. I write because I enjoy it and through writing I have met some very interesting people who I would not have had a chance to meet otherwise.

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