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> I can't really see a future for monolithic publishers.

What about monolithic retailers? I might be totally mistaken, but I think Amazon has a near-monopoly on selling ebooks at this point. Here is their Kindle VP saying they have 70-80% of the market (http://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-we-have-70-80-percent-of-e-b...).

I don't understand antitrust regulation very well, but could Amazon have some sort of obligation to accept Hachette's terms because they have this near-monopoly (on what will almost certainly be the dominant form of reading in the next 20 years)?

This article [0] seems to put B&N and Apple around 20% each earlier this year pitting for no. 2 - with Apple (and Amazon) gaining against B&N. While Apple have decent market share (that's probably roughly comparable to iOS smartphone share worldwide?) and continue to sell a zillion iPads probably with iBooks installed and certainly with iBooks the only app you can buy ebooks in Amazon are probably pretty protected at a guess.

[0] http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2014/is-apple-now-the-no-2-e...

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