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Datamonkey – Learn to analyse data with SQL (datamonkey.pro)
41 points by gits1225 on Aug 9, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Would be great if you didn't have to sign up to try. Site got me interested, but I ended up leaving after being prompted to signup.

I did the same thing, was thinking on looking on it for some co-workers. But ended up leaving

I completed most of the assignments. I was hoping the spreadsheets portion would be a bit more fleshed out. Looking forward to more assignments.

Are there SQL assignments and how is the quality? Are datasets provided for download or is everything online?

pretty basic. nothing past a simple inner join and group by. nothing to download as far as I could see (completed all chapters).

Anyone aware of similar online lessons to learn and practice SQL interactively ?

SQLzoo.net has quite a bit of lessons. It has both interactive practice sections and multiple choice questions at the end of each lesson. I found that it wasn't well organized though, the path you follow wasn't obvious.

also, LOTS of broken English in the instructions. needs a lot of refinement

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