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Hello, everyone! Joshua Berk here.

Current Location: Brooklyn, NY

Remote: N/A but ... yes?

Willing to relocate: Of course! Preference: Pacific Northwest or SF, but totally open to international also.

Technologies: JS / HTML / CSS, Git, Python/Ruby (casually)

Github: http://www.github.com/joshuajberk

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5fEmAwkq3NhLVU4WE15Ty1BRGM

Email: joshua.j.berk@gmail.com

Self-taught, can read/understand any code, but I'm seeking a Product-related role (dev advocate, associate product/project manager, etc.) Biz-degree, previously in Ads @ Google. Big surprise: I'm super interested in all the sexy stuff (crypto-economics, quant-health, VR, drones). Design-oriented user-focused mindset and understand distribution/monetization very well. Love playing with data-viz (d3.js). Boundless curiosity + enthusiasm -- super friendly and a great teammate in/out of office. Just returned from 5-months backpacking Southeast Asia. Cyclist. Consider me the glue that holds different teams, roles, and partners together. My only criteria: an awesome team and an ambitious vision; a place I can learn, grow, and work 150%. Say hello! Questions: joshua (dot) j (dot) berk (at) gmail (dot) com :)

Also, PGP: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pk9/jjb

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