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The short-film adaptation of this was very well done. The David Lynch-influenced directing style worked well.

To me, it doesn't work at all. The whole point is that they are not-meat talking about meat. In the sketch, they look very meaty indeed, and their speech sounds like flapping meat, so that it does not work at all.

One of the things I really liked about this adaptation is how the dialog between the two doesn't actually match their lips properly. The "incorrect" voices and the "obviously a disguise" fez always suggested to me that the English we hear was just for the benefit of the audience and that their actual communication was different.

Of course, as with most art, opinions and interpretations will vary.

It looks like the sound is a little bit off, but it still looks like they're saying the same things we hear.

I simply assumed that they made themselves look like the locals. It doesn't mean that they are actually made of meat or see themselves as having any other resemblance to the humans.

To give a silly analogy, imagine we visit the world of the Smurfs together. We both paint ourselves blue to fit in, but then you tell me: "they're made out of cake frosting". I'm going to give you quite a strange look when you say that, regardless of the fact that I'm painted blue.

The core of the story is that the aliens can't accept the notion of a meat-based lifeform.

The idea that they might not just be wrong, but also in serious denial, is a cute twist.

Have you really never encountered an intelligent lifeform made entirely of meat who insists, often furiously, that an intelligent lifeform made entirely of meat is impossible? Because they're not exactly an endangered species around here.

Even as a vegan, this interpretation had never occurred to me but just blew my mind.

Thank you!

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