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Performance Analysis Methodology (brendangregg.com)
36 points by zdw on Aug 7, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

This is brilliant - I just spent 15 minutes browsing his site, and I am seriously considering purchasing his book.

I'm recently realized that I have built up a lot of intuition over the years for how to improve the performance of interesting applications on real systems. I follow a lot of these procedures. Recently, I've been trying to explain to others how to do this, but I've been explaining it in an ad-hoc manner, as it comes up. Turns out, Brendan Gregg has already explained it all in a systematic, digestible way.

Really brilliant stuff. Computer systems are discoverable, we can always figure out what's going on with enough patience, reasoning, a systematic approach, and the right tools. I'm glad to have a resource I can send to others, and that I can hopefully learn more from.

>'I am seriously considering purchasing his book.'

In my opinion, you should go ahead and do it.

It's available on Safari where I'm a subscriber, but I grabbed a copy anyway - it's not just good, but pretty damn unique in that it supplies a wide breadth while maintaining good depth of coverage.

I can't recommend his book highly enough. I like his USE classification, and his list of tools for each type of resource is invaluable.

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