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My argument is why not making it look like:

(comp (transducer map inc) (transducer filter even?))

Of course, it's more typing and doesn't look as nice as single-arity map, but it goes along quite well with (partial map inc).

I can be wrong but to this date Clojure didn't have a function that produces completely different things based on arity, did it?

Not sure how what you're suggesting could possibly work unless transducer has a table of fn to transducer - this doesn't sound like a good idea. I recommend looking at the implementations which have landed in Clojure master to see what I'm talking about.

You could just make them transducer-map, transducer-filter, etc.

There is no reason the exact same name should be used for two different things. It is a lot harder to tell the difference between (map inc) and (map inc xs) then it is to tell the difference between (transducer-map inc) and (map inc xs).

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