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Location: San Francisco

Remote: Absolutely!

Willing to relocate: Not currently

Technologies: Python data science stack (pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, etc), other Python libs (requests, Flask, etc), D3, SQL, Hadoop, Pig, Git, C++, R, more.

Resume: By request

Email: roy.coding+hn@gmail.com

Website: http://roycoding.github.io

Projects: http://roycoding.github.io/data

I just moved out to San Francisco and am looking for a data scientist position locally or remote. By training I'm a PhD computational physicist, but have been working as a data science consultant for the past year and a half+. I am a generalist, with a focus on analysis and simulations, but have experience across the whole spectrum of data science (i.e. data acquisition, cleaning, modeling, machine learning, evaluation, etc.). I'm looking to join a team of really smart people working on something interesting. I love learning new stuff and hearing about what people are working on.

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