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Most of the time I see arguments like this the author probably has an inconsistent and de-normalized schema. With the caveat that all growing systems gather warts, and yes, it's nigh upon impossible to keep your data de-normalized at scale with sufficient complexity, an ORM coupled with a decently designed schema is an unbeatable combination. Not only do you get fast development, code re-use, and easy benchmarking but you also get all the knowledge and expertise that's been baked into the ORM. Most ORM's now come with miles of security features built in, and are able to infer and optimize on complex queries and joins better than your average non-DBA developer (assuming your data size isn't in the millions of rows, per table, with < 3 tables to join... aka 90% of all queries).

Of course general solutions sometimes can't match up with tightly coupled, highly optimized, extremely specific hand crafted SQL, and duh, making things easier can encourage bad practices, but that's just parroting tautologies and ignoring all of the benefits you get with an ORM. In fact, good ORM's will even provide tools to allow you to construct custom queries in the same scope as an ORM query, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too. Why would you throw out the baby with the bathwater when you can just rewrite your most egregious 10% of queries in SQL, while allowing the rest of your app to merrily chirp on? Hopefully one day someone super smart can create a brilliant ORM that incorporates machine learning, whizbang functional tools, and insert trendy something or other here and we can all relegate SQL to the status of "DB assembly" where it belongs. I, for one, am embracing an era where devs no longer have to shlep around arcane DBA wisdom tidbits in comments above grotesque SQL queries. Why would you ever reject high level abstraction over tedious minutiae?!

P.S. This is all ignoring the ease of which you can switch database backends/engines with ORM's, which could be a 500 word comment all on it's own

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