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but it shipped. how many projects do each of us have that just sit in a repo somewhere that we never ship because "it's just not ready yet" or because we fear public scrutiny of our code. i'll speak for myself because there's easily a handful of projects that are probably ok to "ship" but that i let stagnate because i worried about this sort of comment.

and honestly, it doesn't matter. the author has no responsibility to you or to anyone to write hardened production-ready code. if his app gets rooted, it's on him, and it's honestly the responsibility of everyone that runs it to determine if that's a risk they're willing to live with.

but the quality of the code has little bearing on the fact that this product didn't exist some while ago and now it does. maybe it'll influence somebody to create a desktop version or to contribute some security fixes, or maybe it'll just spark some design discussion. it shipped and irrespective of its quality, it's making at least one person more productive.

Dozens. I have literally (and I mean 'literally', well, literally) dozens of projects that I never got even close to finishing or shipping.

Kudos to the author for shipping something that - like everything else - is not perfect and has room for improvement, but is out there anyway.

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