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Show HN: Derulo, a tool for manipulating JSON files (github.com)
41 points by lavelle on Aug 3, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

This is the funnest thing I've seen in weeks in regards to tech. Nice job. And looks like a nice tool too.

Why is everyone saying this is funny? I don't get it.

Jason Derulo is a successful pop musician right now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Derulo

The wordplay is Jason -> JSON.

He actually said it's the funnest, not funniest. I'm not sure which he meant though.

The name is funny, but after a minute of clicking around the repo I'm still not sure what this actually does.

The linked help text for your `Usage Examples` isn't very helpful either.

How about an animated gif of you... adding multiple key-value pairs to be written to the file?

Nice idea. That could definitely explain things faster than a description of it. I'll make one this afternoon.

Understood immediately when I saw it, thanks to that!

How are you supposed to exit the REPL? I end up with empty braces in the file.

  ~ ❯❯❯ derulo hello
  Entering Derulo interactive JSON builder.
  prompt: key:  foo
  prompt: value:  bar
  prompt: key:  %
  ~ ❯❯❯ cat hello.json

Yeah, as a quick hack I made it so typing 'end' for a key or value exits it. This is obviously a valid key or value though, so something else is needed.

Maybe some control sequence would work? Not sure how you handle those in Node.

Fixed now. Just type Ctrl-C. Thanks for the report.

How about Ctrl-D as well. Probably makes a bit more sense.

+1, Ctrl D is interrupt, and bash, node, python, etc. use it to quit.

I think I'll keep Ctrl+D for quitting the whole program, Ctrl+C for just finishing the REPL and going to the save/discard prompt.

If you need a JSON "API" to test it against, may I suggest derulo.json: http://gabebw.com/derulo.json

If Jason Derulo finds out about this, he might sue :P There was an instance with Kanye West and the altcoin Coineye which he destroyed.

I love the idea of Jason Derulo becoming aware of the existence of a Node.js module.

I'm not a developer - but this is funny.

please add a feature to re-order properties alphabetically, that would be super useful. derulo package wiggle ;)

oh no you didn't..

He did, and I like it.


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