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Location: Roanne, near Lyon, France

Remote: Yes ! (partial remote possible)

Willing to relocate: Yes in a few months.

Technologies: PM, Architecture, API Design, Python, OpenGL, javascript, leaflet, wxwidget, Qt, Haskell(beginner), HTML/CSS, Jquery, redis, flask, django, sqlalchemy

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/lionelbarretdenazaris

Email: '{firstname}.{lastname}@gmail.com'.format(firstname='lionel', lastname='barret')

I consider myself a seasoned dev, I've done both big ( AAA video games, moving a heavy client framework to the cloud) and small projects. I love coding and building useful software products. And after more than 12 years, I learn fast.

Shoot me an email mentioning Hacker News and I'll make sure to respond to it. Thanks for your time :)

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