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Location: Minneapolis, MN

Remote: Not preferred

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: I can use any language. I'm best with the JVM, particularly Java and Clojure. I've worked with JEE, JMS, Hibernate, Spring, jUnit, Ring/Compojure, Javascript, jQuery, Mocha, Haskell, Oracle and Postgres SQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Mongo, AWS; among other things.

Resume: On request, or see my LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-thvedt/11/5b4/9bb

Email: mike.thvedt@gmail.com

Full stack software engineer with 6+ years experience and a math background. Right now I'm winding down a digital nomad lifestyle that I lived for about the last two years. I've worked on complicated cloud pipelines, full-stack web apps, and in a past life, high volume, near real-time distributed trade processing applications for a Big Finance Company. I've also done work with parsing, domain specific languages, full-stack web development, custom high-speed message queues, and security and encryption. I like to solve hard problems.

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