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I dunno; having project members not actively be dicks to newcomers is always good advice.

That said -- and I'm being vague because some people on hn are dicks and I'm careful how trackable my online presence is -- small projects get lots of, well, basically useless people who need tons of handholding to get anything accomplished. I see the upside for them, but I don't see the upside for me: if I where to help them out, I'd spend my limited available time on handholding people who apparently managed to get ms degrees in cs without being able to code instead of doing what I enjoy. So I ignore them. Open source is apparently the new resume chit so people want to spend minimal effort to put a patch into a github project. We're always open to helpful people but I have a depth 1 decision tree for ignoring the idiots: if you can't successfully read and follow the instructions in readme.md and make, you're worthless and I kill your email.

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