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Location: Cambridge/Boston, MA, Remote: Yes, Relocate: No

Technologies: mathematics, oo and functional programming, C, C++, assembly, Python, Django, programming language theory, algorithms, compiler design, computer architecture, computational algebra.

Interest include, but not limited to: internet security and privacy, formal methods, hardware design and hardware design tools.

Resume: http://cseed.us/resume.pdf

Email: cotton@alum.mit.edu

PhD in mathematics, co-founder or early employee of multiple startups (web, big data, compilers). Not look for a job per se, but for the right opportunity or collaborators. If my experience or interests overlap with yours, get in touch.

24 hour stats: 143 resume downloads, 0 emails. Time to revise the resume.

I guess here you're the only MIT student and you been over qualified.

That might be the reason why no one contacted you.

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