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PagerDuty - San Francisco and Toronto, Full time

If you're looking for a start up that's growing quickly solving a real problem rather than selling ads, we're making the process of fixing technology problems better. We also just raised $27MM, to add quite a bit more brain power

* I have a soft spot for our Evangelist role: http://pduty.me/1oVNvmu

* We're hiring smart devs regardless of language in Tornto: http://pduty.me/1uP9D6r and San Francisco: http://pduty.me/1sbWjWf

* We're also hiring for our internal IT team: http://pduty.me/1m5D0bl if you're looking to work on an IT team that's loved and resepected

* And a dozen others on http://www.pagerduty.com/company/work-with-us/


* Competitive salaries and company equity.

* Generous paid vacation (3 weeks your first year, 4 weeks afterwards), unlimited sick days, regular holidays.

* Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plan options for you and your spouse/family.

* Daily catered lunches and free snacks, drinks and beer.

* Weekly game nights, monthly hack days and impromptu ping-pong battles.

* Convenient office location, close to major public transit.

More about us:

PagerDuty is "9-1-1 dispatch" for IT, helping operations engineers and devops resolve problems with their IT systems as quickly as possible. We’re backed by some of the Valley’s best investors, including Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz. We're based in San Francisco, California with a presence in Toronto, Canada. We're obsessive about reliability and ensuring that when your systems are down, the right people get notified every time. PagerDuty is used by thousands of customers globally, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, including HP, Intel, Instagram, Airbnb, Box, Microsoft, Nike, Rackspace, and GitHub. We've got ambitious plans to grow and are seeking passionate people to join our crusade against downtime. We provide a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and opportunities for career growth

What he said– here's some more folks we want:

Data Engineer (SF): http://jobsco.re/XoPJjX

Our aim is to help everyone at the company make faster and informed business decisions with data. You'll be playing an integral role in building tools and infrastructure to clean, store, explore, and report on the data we have here at PagerDuty. We are looking for an engineer who is not afraid to get their hands dirty with all parts of the data warehouse code base -- we solve problems using Ruby, Python, Pandas, JavaScript, SQL, BigQuery and Google Apps Script.

Operations Engineer (SF): http://jobsco.re/1qPLKtN

As a seasoned ops expert, you understand the importance and impact that good operations can have on the rest of a product and the positive ripple effects that it can have across an entire engineering organization. You have written vast amounts of code and have solved multiple problems by automating your way out of them. You have replaced yourself time and time again with your code. We don't require any experience with any particular technology, but you should have good knowledge of at least one scripting language, (Ruby, Perl, Python, etc), and have used at least one config management system (Puppet, Chef, Ansible) before.

Realtime Engineer (SF, Toronto): http://jobsco.re/1u72QB0

You’ve worked on distributed and highly available systems. You’ve had experience with different system architectures, and have opinions about what works and what doesn’t. Concepts like consistency, availability, real-time dispatching, and distributed queueing aren’t merely buzzwords for you, and you've worked on enough mission critical software to know that reliability comes from a fault-tolerant design checked by an extensive test plan.. You should have a broad background in CS fundamentals, know your way around a RDBMS, and ideally be somewhat familiar with NoSQL tech and use cases.

Senior Software Engineer (SF): http://jobsco.re/1ogPgFM

We're building out our long-term architecture and that involves designing, implementing, and maintaining new services and APIs for our users, both internal and external. You know what good and bad architecture looks like, and you want to be able to spread good architecture wherever you go. You understand the complexities of designing systems that are robust, and the trade-offs required to build something that many can use.

Senior Website Marketing Manager (SF): http://jobsco.re/XoSgdV

Are you a Marketing Rockstar with experience managing revenue-generating B2B websites and shaking up the digital marketing world? We are looking for an accomplished marketer who will help lead PagerDuty’s website. That means you are the person responsible for strategy, planning & execution of all PagerDuty’s web properties and website programs to accelerate revenue, effectively target existing and new markets, and building model for conversion and efficiency. You are a key player in driving direct revenue for the company through ecommerce, as well supporting a fast-growing sales organization that needs a growing number of qualified leads.

Why is there a split between Toronto and SF?

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