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Denver, CO here. Very good, it's hard not to find a job if you're halfway competent.

Also in Denver. Lots of folks hiring. It's a fantastic spot, although I definitely prefer Denver to Boulder.

I'm more interested in smaller towns: Boulder and Ft. Collins in particular, if anyone has anything to say about those. Denver's a bit big for my tastes. Thanks though!

Denver here. I'm not sure about Ft. Collins, but Boulder does have a decent startup culture and while I currently work in Denver, I have seen a lot of companies located in Boulder that sparked my interest. A few companies have either moved to Denver or opened a second location in Denver for convenience though. A lot of developers I know make the commute from Boulder to Denver, but with traffic it can be a pain.

If you are into commuting (by bus or car) Boulder is only about 45 min from downtown Denver.

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